Sifu Wayne Husbands

Wayne Husbands was born on May 18,1967 in Barbados West Indies. At a tender age of ten he always showed a keen interest in the martial arts from the early days of watching the television series of kung fu (Caine)  Starring David Carradine. At the age of fourteen Si-fu Wayne Husbands  emigrated to England in 1982  where he is currently residing at Reading Berkshire. 

After a year in the UK in 1983 he was introduced to the  Northern Shaolin Eagle claw 北少林鷹爪 which he  studied under grand masters and masters along with their students  for over 8 years. Prior to this Si-fu Wayne Husbands participated in water boxing style for just over one year.   

In 1994 his love for the martial arts blossomed with his involvement in the Lau family Eagle claw under the tutelage of several outstanding masters. He became highly skilled in the Eagle claw techniques. At this time, he had added the internal arts of Tai Chi  chuan 太極拳, Ba Chi chuan 八極拳 and xing yi chuan 形意拳 to his acquired skills. 

In 2001 he commenced training in the Lau family Hung gar kung fu under the keen eyes of Master Mark Houghton who played a pivotal role in his development in the Hung gar style. This is the form in which he has become more proficient and enjoys teaching tremendously  at present. He is also promoting the Lau family Hung gar kung fu in Reading Berkshire of England, Italy and in Barbados West Indies and hoping to do so in other countries around the world.

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