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Monday, 28 September 2015 09:20

Grand Master Lau Kar Leung

Lau Kar-leung, also known as Liu Chia-liang, was a Hong Kong-based Chinese actor, filmmaker, choreographer and martial artist. Lau is best known for the films he made in the 1970s and 1980s for the Shaw Brothers Studio. One of his most famous works is The 36th Chamber of Shaolin which starred Gordon Liu, as well as Drunken Master II which starred Jackie Chan.

Before becoming famous, Lau worked as an extra and choreographer on black and white Wong Fei-hung movies. He teamed up with fellow Wong Fei-hung choreographer Tong Gaai on the 1963 Hu Peng-directed wuxia film South Dragon, North Phoenix. Their collaboration would continue on until the mid-1970s. His first appearance in a film was in Brave Lad of Guangong (1950).

Lau began training students Hung Gar before the age of 5 and was already quite proficient in the style. Bruce Lee treated Lau as an elder uncle and asked him for advice in regards to his film career.

In the 1960s he became one of Shaw Brothers' main choreographers and had a strong working relationship with director Chang Cheh, working on many of Chang's films as a choreographer (often alongside Tong Gaai) including The One-Armed Swordsman, as well as other Shaw Brothers wuxia films, such as The Jade Bow. After a split with Chang on the set of Marco Polo, Lau evolved into a director during the sudden boom of martial arts films in the early 1970s. He occasionally did choreography work for non-Shaw films as well, such as Master of the Flying Guillotine.

After Shaw Brothers collapsed in the 1980s, Lau moved on and continued directing and choreographing films, among them Drunken Master II. However, the film's star Jackie Chan and director Lau clashed over the style of fighting, resulting in Lau leaving the set before the shooting of the final fight scene, which was then taken over by Chan. Most recently, Lau performed acting and choreography work for Tsui Hark's 2005 film Seven Swords.

Mark Houghton opened the Lau Family Hung Kuen school Lau Family Hung Gar academy in Hong Kong / Fanling with the support of his sifu, Lau. He gave his disciple the permission to spread the art of Lau Family Hung Kuen to chosen students. There are already branches in England, Philippines, and China. 

Lau was the third child of Lau Cham (Lau Jaam, 劉湛), a martial arts master who studied Hung Gar under Lam Sai-wing, a student of Wong Fei-hung.[4] He has a brother who makes a living in the film industry, actor/choreographer Lau Kar-wing, as does Gordon Liu, Lau's pupil and adopted godson to Lau's father, Lau Cham. His nephew Lau Kar-yung (son of his older sister)is also an actor, choreographer and director. Another nephew, Lau Wing-kin (Lau Kar-wing's son) is also an actor, and assisted Lau Kar-leung with action-directing Seven Swords.

Monday, 28 September 2015 09:19

Sifu Wayne Husbands

Wayne Husbands was born on May 18,1967 in Barbados West Indies. At a tender age of ten he always showed a keen interest in the martial arts from the early days of watching the television series of kung fu (Caine)  Starring David Carradine. At the age of fourteen Si-fu Wayne Husbands  emigrated to England in 1982  where he is currently residing at Reading Berkshire. 

After a year in the UK in 1983 he was introduced to the  Northern Shaolin Eagle claw 北少林鷹爪 which he  studied under grand masters and masters along with their students  for over 8 years. Prior to this Si-fu Wayne Husbands participated in water boxing style for just over one year.   

In 1994 his love for the martial arts blossomed with his involvement in the Lau family Eagle claw under the tutelage of several outstanding masters. He became highly skilled in the Eagle claw techniques. At this time, he had added the internal arts of Tai Chi  chuan 太極拳, Ba Chi chuan 八極拳 and xing yi chuan 形意拳 to his acquired skills. 

In 2001 he commenced training in the Lau family Hung gar kung fu under the keen eyes of Master Mark Houghton who played a pivotal role in his development in the Hung gar style. This is the form in which he has become more proficient and enjoys teaching tremendously  at present. He is also promoting the Lau family Hung gar kung fu in Reading Berkshire of England, Italy and in Barbados West Indies and hoping to do so in other countries around the world.

Monday, 28 September 2015 09:11

Master Mark Houghton

Mark Houghton Born on March 8th 1962 in Nuneaton UK. His Chinese name is Ho Mak and he has been studying martial Arts since he was 14 years old. He lived in Malaysia in his early teens being adopted by a Chinese family so he could stay in the country with them, His Adopted fathers name was Wong Chin Tong of Hainanese descent.While there he started learning White Crane Kung Fu but later after watching one of Lau Kar Leung’s film changed to Hung Gar first learning Hung Gar under Ho Kam Wai Sifu in Johor Bahru. In his early twenties he moved back to the UK and opened his first Kung Fu School. At the age of 27 he moved to HK to train under his hero the Famous Hung Gar kung fu master Lau Kar Leung, he also followed his masters path into the HK movie scene becoming one of the best western Bad guy’s in HK cinema. He has been on screen in over 60 movies. Working from actor, stuntman and stunt fight co ordinator. At the same time of working in the film industry he also worked on and off has a bodygaurd where on one job received over 400 stitches from knife and pahrang wounds In 2005 at the age of 43 he opened his kung fu school in Fanling under the blessing of his master Lau Kar Leung.

Mark retired from films in 2000 due to injuries from stunts and went on to teaching Kung fu. Our Kung Fu school first opened in summer 2005 in Fanling. Our school name was given to us by Grandmaster Lau Kar Leung, it is his wish that his style of Hung Kuen is to be passed on to others by his student Ho Mak ( Mark Houghton ) The school stayed open until 2012 where due to his injuries from stunts found it difficult to teach,Mark closed the school and stopped teaching. March 8th 2013 on his birthday he had lunch with his Sifu, his Sifu told him his health was not good and that he wanted Mark to keep spreading the Lau family Hung Gar and movie fighting and asked Mark to start teaching again and to go back to working in film. Mark promised he would keep the Lau family name going and to spread it to future generation’s . 3 months later 25th June his Sifu Lau kar leung passed away. Mark has kept his promise and is teaching again with schools in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, UK, France, Austria. He has also finished production on Hands Of Lau a documentary about the new Lau family stunt team and HK fight action, and has a few other projects lined up.

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